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ON THE MARK SERVICES ... Targeting Customized Support Systems For All People.

On The Mark Services' primary goal is to target the needs of each person and develop specific, comprehensive services to meet those needs. Our commitment and caring staff make the difference at On The Mark Services, Inc. Founded in an effort to bring flexible support to those who need it. On The Mark Services recognizes the unique gifts and needs of each person. The owners of On The Mark Services have a solid background in the provision of supports for people with disabilities. Together with their positive reputation and combined 27 years of experience, they have the experience needed to get the job done. On The Mark provides supports in a number of different situations ranging from drop in support one time per month to support 24 hours per day. Services vary based on the person but may include assistance with grocery shopping, banking, personal care, housekeeping, cooking, benefits coordination, transportation, recreation, and medical support.

We feel strongly that the following values apply to all people. We are not differentiating between people who receive support and people who receive support and people who work for the company. People are people...and this is how we operate...

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